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5 Ways To Survive The Coronavirus

In a tough time of terror fleeing through everyone’s news feeds I wanted to share some positivity, but in no means try to decrease the severity of the coronavirus.

Today I’m going to share some information on the virus and 5 ways to survive the coronavirus.

First things first, if you’re sick, stay in.

Wash your hands frequently.

Avoid large group gatherings over 250 people, that includes costco line ups.

Now some recent facts that were posted from the World Health Organisation.

There were roughly 163,000 cases reported as of this morning.

There were 6000 total deaths and 76,000 total recoveries according to

The chances of contracting the virus is between 0.7-3.4%.

56% of the people that do contract it, 100% recover.

252 out of 163,000 cases were reported in Canada.

Meaning that of all the cases reported in the world, Canada is 0.15% of that population.

Of the 252 cases, there has been 1 death reported to date.

So with this time off and away from people, you still need to maintain your relationships and fitness, so today I want to give you some 5 ways to survive the coronavirus.

1. Buy yourself some foam mats that are baby safe and use this for padding so you can…

2. Do a home workout. We will be streaming workouts that you can do from home on our public facebook pages for 6 days straight.

3. Get outside. Staying inside will only lower your immune system. Get some natural light and fresh air.

4. HYDRATE! This is the perfect opportunity to flush your system. I recommend to drink 4 liters of water a day. Hyper hydrate first thing in the morning, after every cup of coffee and with dinner.

5. Stay out of the cupboards. The biggest struggle stay at home parents or those that work from a home office is controlling their eating. Everything you like is there at the extension of the hands. Don’t gain unnecessary weight.

This isn’t the end of the world and if we sit around and do nothing, by the time this pandemic passes, you will regret that you sat around and did nothing for two weeks.

So listen to your coach, get up, get moving and stay FIT.

I’m coach RJ and Ill see you on the virtual blue!

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