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📖7 lessons learned from hitting 1000 workouts (in no particular order)

🗸1. You can’t eyeball your food

If you want to lose fat, tracking is key. Doesn’t mean it has to be 100% exact all the time, but most if the time if you want fast results.

🗸2. Virtual workouts get you shredded

No gym no problem. Working out at home can be as intense and get you the same results.

🗸3. On the blue push is like no other

The energy simply can’t be compared. You will go harder when the Fit Club coaches are pushing you to the limit.

🗸4. Be a student that always takes on challenges

Challenges are a great way to get motivated when things get monotonous. Be constantly doing them.

🗸5. Make the gym your date time

Having a time to workout is key to stay consistent and get results. No specific gym time = missed workouts

🗸6. You always feel better after a workout

Period end of story. Sweating is the best therapy and you should do it daily.

🗸7. 1% progress is the best progress

It’s all about improving a little bit every day. Consistent progress brings huge results.

🗂️Which one was your favorite❓ Comment Below 💬

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