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A Wake-Up Call!

Hi, my name is Jessie Soole-Peters' let me tell you about my journey at Fit Club.

My dear friend Kerry McWhinney is a member. Seeing Kerry's amazing transformation and listening to her speak so positively about her experiences, the coaching and the Fit Family, is what encouraged me to give it a go! I joined on a 5 day $5 kickstart, continued for one month and then it was a no-brainer, I was in, I drank the fit club Kool-Aid and joined for the year. Joining Fit Club has changed my life!

I have always been an active person and considered myself to be healthy but 2 years of the pandemic caught up with me more than I had realized. My son had to come back home and leave his career behind during that time and we spent a lot of time during lockdowns trying every bogie chicken burger Skip the Dishes and Uber Eats had to offer and why not try a new wine with every order! Oh we had fun, but the weight kept climbing, and my energy levels dropped. I rationalized it all of course but there was no moderation, no balance, my confidence was gone and I wasn't happy

I wouldn't say I was skeptical about trying Fit Club but I was definitely nervous. I knew I wasn't as fit as I had once been, I was worried about injuries, worried I couldn't keep up and truthfully I did not like the way I looked physically and I wasn't sure I would fit in so to speak.

My first day was a wake-up call! I reluctantly stepped onto the scale and I was horrified to see that number BUT when I walked through the doors, to the pounding music, upbeat atmosphere and the most supportive group of people if I had ever met I was in awe it was not what I had expected. I was made to feel I did belong, that I did fit in and that everyone was there to help me get through my first fast and furious workout.

Since joining in November 2021 - 8 months later and after completing 3 Belly Burn Challenges, the results physically and mentally are almost unimaginable. I have lost numerous inches, 25 lbs, and gained muscle mass, strength and stamina.

I like all of it! The coaches are my mentors. Their dedication to each member's fitness is incomparable, it is their life and it shows. The members or as we call ourselves The Fit Fam, are my cheerleaders and another level of support that I have never experienced at any gym before. I have been so inspired by so many of the members, many don't even know how much they have inspired me. I am so proud to call many of the members my friends now and I proud to be a member of Fit Club.

Coming to Fit Club is like coming to a party every day! Yes, a different kind of party but it's so much damn fun and you are working out. There is no possible way you won't walk back out the door when you are done your 30-minute workout and not feel better, so come and give it a go!

The energy I have is incredible, up at 5 am and at the gym from 6am 4-5 days a week, something I never thought I could do. I even get up early on Saturday morning now and again and come in for a workout! . All of this has spilled over into my personal life. I am mentally happier and more focused at work, and I have more energy to keep up with my personal life and all the responsibilities that come with daily life. I am more focused and dedicated to my health, more than I have ever been. My confidence is back, and I’m motivated for life again! I feel younger, stronger, faster BETTER!

That's my Journey come join me on the Blue. Click Here

To get started or more questions text Fit Club at 1-204-813-9113

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