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Anchoring Habits ⚓

Anchoring habits is one way to take massive action on customising your self care routine ! ❤ ⁣

An “anchor” is an existing behavior that you will attach to the new habit you’re building. 🔨 ⁣

For example, the habit of brushing your teeth is anchored to waking up in the morning. ☀️ ⁣

Here, at Fit Club 💙, our mission is to get you one percent better everyday through health and fitness. 🏃‍♀️ Similar to attaching a new habit you're building. 🤯 ⁣

Through anchoring habits and an amazing support team at Fit Club 💙, you will start to feel changes that will encourage your mindset to do better everyday. 💯 ⁣

Find out how Fit Club can help you anchor habits better here:👈👈👈 ⁣

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