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If you've had a session with me you know that I am tough but fair. If you have an injury or ailment I always say try then modify and if I'm not happy with what you're doing, we will change it. But through it all I want you to be challenged. That's the only way we will get success.

So the other day I overheard some ladies talking about "you can have 1" and yes I believe you can have 1. But how many of us just stop at 1!?

And so what we're doing is giving ourselves a pass to fail.

All the little things add up.

When it comes time for your measurements or why the scale isn't moving, we forget about all those times we said "I can have just 1".

What I want you to realize is this is a long term battle we will have and its a game of inches (literally). The accumulation of all the small things make up for a big thing down the road.

We have 2 weeks left in our challenge, March 7 we take our photos and I want those results for you. If you're not in a challenge, you can challenge yourself by eliminating something for the next 2 weeks.

Tomorrow I plan not to have any Nary's bars, this week I plan to get 10000 steps a day, I will also be tracking my water so I get my 6 liters in.

What can you do, give up or do more of for 14 days?

If you're not in the club, get in, because I'd like to see you take yourself and your goals serious for 12 months straight. In one year you could completely change your life and the gym is the one place you can measure success and feel good about it along the way.

Talk soon, coach RJ

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