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Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Hello Fit Fam, I'm excited for December brings :)

First we have our 30 day attendance challenge! This is a challenge to hold you accountable to making 4 workouts days a week. Your challenge is to make 16 days in a 30 day span (can start anytime before December 14th). The deposit is $49, if you achieve the 16 days, we take your $49 and double it back towards the next 6 week challenge in January! If you want to sign up, see front desk and we will get you all set up!

For non members, we have our 30 day attendance challenge for $99. Where if they complete the challenge , they get their money back. Perfect way to start their New Years goals!

Our charity check in is #GIVEBOOKS. This month Fit Club along with 1000 other gyms have team up with Books For Africa foundation.

Every 5 check ins and we send a book to Africa to provide education they just couldn't get without our support.

Our sponsor of the month is Winnipeg Dodge who has donated 2 x $500 Visa Gift Cards! Kayla is a member of ours and she rocks it on the blue! All you have to do is tell your friends/family members or coworkers about us and when they come through the door and mention you, you get your name in the draw! We will be doing the draw half way through the month for one, then at the end for the second one.

Dec 25 we will be hosting the annual Holiday workout! Make sure to book in for that.

And lastly our Product of the month is Beyond Yourself Vegan Protein. An Organic Plant-Based blend of High-Quality Protein that is easily digested.

Vegan has never tasted so smooth, until now! Combining the perfect ratio of pea protein and rice protein for optimal essential amino acid levels, that is easily digestible, this is the perfect addition for anyone looking to build, strengthen muscles and assist in getting the daily intake of protein.

Plus, with added MCT oil, it can help with the texture and add some healthy fats to your recovery post-workout shake.

Again, see us at the front desk for your bottle!

This December, let’s make a commitment to not gain a pound and start the New Year off right!!

Coach RJ

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