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Don't Wait for the Right Time!

Hello! I’m Gillian and I recently completed my 100th workout at Fit Club.

Before joining Fit Club, and pre-COVID, I had been training at a different gym for several years doing a mix of boot camps and power lifting. First, my trainer moved so I was looking for a new gym, but shortly thereafter COVID hit. It isn’t easy to find a good gym during a pandemic. I became very sedentary for the next 2+ years, while also over-extending myself, supporting others who were struggling. Some midlife weight had crept on, and was proving very stubborn to lose.

I felt stuck, and realized I needed to start making myself a priority. After a long, unplanned hiatus from working out, I was nervous about getting started again at a new gym. The training style at FitClub is different from my previous gym and I was concerned I would miss the heavy power-lifting component. And, being accustomed to small group training, the idea of these bigger classes at FitClub was intimidating!

As it turns out, the large group size is one of the many things I LOVE about FitClub! If you are lacking energy or motivation, you just need to step OTB and borrow it from someone else - there is plenty to go around!

In every way, FitClub is the change my mind and body needed. I joined with a goal to lose some weight, but have also reclaimed other physical and mental health benefits: I feel strong and healthy, I am enjoying possibly the best physical fitness and endurance of my life, and who doesn’t love the mood-boosting, stress-relieving benefits of getting your endorphins flowing!

Fit Club is not what you might expect in a typical gym. They have created an inclusive community where everyone is welcome - just come as you are. The atmosphere is FUN and encouraging, with a positive energy you feel the moment you walk through the door.

The coaches create safe but challenging workouts that are easily modified or enhanced for every fitness ability. Simply show up and they take care of the rest.

Previously, I was NOT an early morning person, but I have been choosing to hit the gym early to get my day off to the right start. Coach Jenn, you always bring the energy, motivation and humour and make my 5:30am wake ups easy! Who knew?!

If anyone is considering joining a gym, I would definitely encourage you to give Fit Club a try! Just take that first step and get started. Start showing up for yourself and your personal health and well-being. Don't wait for the right time - it may never come. Don't wait to find your motivation - taking that first step, and then showing up a few times a week with the right attitude will lead your motivation to rise.

Passion is not a prerequisite at Fit Club. But I can almost guarantee that your passion (and dare I say "obsession") will be the result of your workouts at Fit Club.

As they say, every journey begins with a simple, single step. I am SO grateful that I chose to start mine at Fit Club!

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