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Did you know that January 22 2020 is the saddest day of the year.

Well guess what, we are past that and now we have everything to look forward to!

"Life is a journey, and if you fall in love with the journey, you will be in love forever."

To kick the new year off we have our 6-Week New Body challenge in full effect and the amount of questions and coaching we’ve already had is crazy. I couldn’t imagine not running one of these and I look forward to March 7 which is the finale.

We were at the Wonderful Wedding show and for some of us that was a first time experience. Lot’s of brides were buzzing and excited for their special day. I remember getting married, we were married on the beach and I know how important it is to look and feel your best! So time for planning is now.

By now, most resolutions have failed. It’s statistically proven. But that’s ok because you have resources like Fit Club at the touch of your finger. We have our famous 21 days for $20.20 running and are still taking new members to get their resolutions back on track. All you have to do is click this link to join

Our supplement of the month is LEAN-R. LEAN-R is exclusive to Fit Club and it’s the #1 weight management supplement out there. It has the perfect blend of ingredients to wake you up, burn fat, increase your metabolism and help control that unnecessary snacking. If you’re interested, just stop in and we always have them on the shelf.

As you may know Fit Club loves to be involved with Charity and this month we have a charity check in that for every 10 people that check into their club (north or west) we help save a rescue animal. So you may see people using the hashtag #savethemall (not save the mall haha), well that’s because with every checkin we pool our money with 1000 other top gyms in the world to work together to save a rescue animal.

Lastly our featured business and sponsor of the month is Skindeep aesthetics who specialize in facial youth revitalization treatments, which helps us to look less tired, less sad and more revitalized. Our very own Coach Rick swears by Skindeep’s treatments and get’s pumped when it’s time to get his photo taken.

Our awesome members Ashley, Coralee and Alison has graciously donated a full year worth of membership $2400 value) for one of our members to win. All they have to do is bring in a friend to try us out, make sure they get their name on a ballot and be attentive to our facebook fan page for when we make the draw live.

February is Shred-uary and the #1 investment you can make is yourself. When it’s cold outside, it’s always warm on the blue. So keep on coming, keep on sweating with your friends and enjoy the journey!

Coach RJ

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