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Feeling good on the inside and outside will bring you so much happiness!!!

Hello! My name is Heather Sinclair and this is my 1000th workout.

I started my journey at Fit Club back in January 2019

Before fit club I was going to Good Life on my lunch breaks and finding that my body wasn’t really changing, I was stuck and feeling frustrated.

One day on Instagram I saw that a friend of mine had joined fit body in Transcona and she looked fantastic. I found our club which is closer to my house and signed up.

I was hooked from my first workout. The coaches, members, and workouts were outstanding. I was loving my new gym.

My biggest struggle was being a very busy mom of a competitive dancer and a caregiver for my grandmother. So that took up a lot of my free time and my nutrition wasn’t on point. I was always grabbing whatever I could for meals and eating out lots. I was getting to the gym and seeing some changes but not as fast as I wanted. Which was my own fault as my other struggle is putting my needs first.

Then covid hit. For me, that’s when I had the extra time to focus. So I started working out more- doing two virtual classes a day and changing my eating habits. I know lots of people struggled at that time but for me, it worked as I had more time to workout and make better food choices

Once we could get back to the gym - I had a great routine. Then - I did my first belly burn. This was the game changer- I learned so much about nutrition -macros and logging my food. I started to see a change.

Then onto the next belly burn and coach Jenn challenged us to try a morning class. That’s crazy I thought at first. I always went to the evening classes with my last class crew - so I thought there is no way I could do a morning class too.

I’m happy & very proud to say – that most days I do a 5:40am class and then I’m back at 6:00pm for an evening class. (i love starting my day off with a workout & ending my day with a workout)

The biggest changes from 100 to 1000 for me are my strength and the inches I’ve lost. I’m stronger and much healthier. I’m more motivated than before and the gym is now my daily routine. I make it work so I can still do the things I need to do but get my workouts in each day.

What would I say to my past self it’s ok to put me first!!! You can make it work - push yourself - it’s so worth it…trust yourself!!!

I have so many people to thank - first I would like to thank coach rick for always making our last classes so much fun and taking the time to correct us when needed.

Thank you to coach Jenn for pushing me out of my comfort zone and getting me to try new things.

Thanks to coach RJ for having this amazing gym and creating such a strong team.

Thank you!!! Coach Jesse, Jessica, and Corrine - I always love your classes and energy. You all bring different things to each class which makes us want to keep coming back.

Thanks to Jackie and Kathy for those smiles behind the counter and checking us in and Jerome for always getting those awesome pictures.

Last - I have to thank my sista squad that has become my lifelong friends. You all inspire, encourage, and motivate me. You have been there for me every step of the way - I’m truly blessed to have such strong women in my life that support each other.

To the last class best class- I love this journey with all of you - I have made some wonderful friends that work hard and have so much fun doing it.

Thank you - I love how you challenge me and make me smile & laugh each day!!!

I also want to thank the morning class crew for accepting me into your group -I’ve made so many new friends.

To my daughter Sydney-thank you for your encouragement and understanding of how important fitness is for your mom. It makes me a better person and a great role model to you.

Words of encouragement- make this journey about you - ask the coaches or other members questions as they have so much information to help you and get you out of your comfort zone. Find your crew and enjoy!!!

Feeling good on the inside and outside will bring you so much happiness!!!

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