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Fit Club success story of the week: Ashley's incredible story

Prior to joining Fit Club Winnipeg in Spring 2018, Ashley was in the midst of adjusting to being a parent, transitioning her family business, and concerned with her husband's condition, which was benign brain cancer.

She was already an advocate of healthy living, loved working out, even had a personal trainer, and had goals to compete in powerlifting.

With all these events happening in her life, she no longer felt comfortable as her weight skyrocketed.

As stated, "Starting over was difficult to acknowledge" but her friends convinced her to sign up for a 21-day challenge, and on her first day felt like she was going to throw up from slides and surfer burpees.

Thankfully, Coach Rick was on the mic and encouraged her that she wasn't going to "die" but at this point, she would only join 1 or 2 sessions or not do any for the week because she was feeling guilty for not spending enough time with her daughter.

In January 2019, her mindset had shifted into setting an example for her daughter and she thought, "well I have to keep going, to be stronger and healthier ."

So she doubled up on classes and went 6 days a week, has lost over 60 pounds, decreased body fat and her muscle and visceral are at a healthy number.

Ashley continues to participate in challenges and thoroughly enjoys the Fit Fam mentality of having to share with her loved ones the same goals and a judgment-free zone.

Here's the video of Ashley's story:

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