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Fit Club success story of the week: Cathy

Take time for fitness, it usually makes us a better person.

Biggest Changes: my energy has increased, I’m happier which is a benefit to those around me. I feel like I am the person I want to be! I am not nearly as tired and I’m excited to start my day after I workout. The virtual workouts have become a morning habit! I feel stronger and can keep up with my teenage children. They don’t say it but I think they are proud of me. I actually have muscle.

Biggest struggle: probably to keep going. Sometimes you just want to find the couch. My fit club friends motivated me to join them and brought levity to the workouts. I also have mom guilt! But my family encourages me and know they get a better mom by allowing me to make time for fitness. I think it also sets a good example for my children.

Contributing factors to success: my fit fam, my family and my own stubbornness. I enjoy the people at the gym. I find it a good separation between work and home! A great way to decompress. I want to be happier and have more energy for my family. And I’m completely driven by goals. I tend to be a bit competitive!

Thank you to my patient family and to the wonderful people that I get to see at the gym! Also so grateful to the coaches for pushing everyone to their highest potential.

I would tell my younger self to make time! Sometimes being selfish is actually being selfless. When we take time for things like fitness it usually makes us a better person.

Words of wisdom: it’s one step at a time. Set small goals and focus on what you can do today! You will get there if it is really important to you.

A safe space to learn and support one another.

Here's the video of Cathy's story:

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