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Getting out of pain

Can you recall a day one.

Where you were so upset, frustrated and sad all at the same moment.

Now can you recall a time where things got better and now it seems like clockwork.

Sometimes we stop challenging ourselves because our fear of pain blankets us with doubt, lethargy and hopelessness.

I’ve had many day ones and now I know what they are, I reflect on them often.

Recently I took up tennis, prior to last month I haven’t been on a court, touched a tennis racquet in….ever.

So I’ve been playing guys that have been playing for years.

Needless to say, I get my butt kicked, often.

I’m not used to losing like that. The sports I play now, I’ve been playing for years and it’s easy to jump back in and be a top dog. But this one, this one takes a learning curve.

So naturally I have self doubt, I get upset and want to giveup.

But the more I do it, the more small wins I get and I reflect on both.

I see my losses as growth opportunities. I ask myself and research how I can get better.

The wins, I see them as big wins.

Now with Fit Club I love to see the evolution of the tribe.

I love seeing our Fit Fam members evolving into full time fitness people.

The other day I was reading a story about a member that was travelling lots and prior to joining Fit Club, she chose her hotel based around the breakfast buffet that was offered.

Now she chooses the hotel based on the quality of the gym.

That’s a big win to me and that’s essentially what we try to accomplish here.

At the same time I understand that we have to get you out of pain.

The pain of your clothes fitting tighter, the 10 pounds you really want to lose and working out so that you’re not sore all the time.

I get it. And that’s why we provide the tools to make that all change for you.

If you’re having a bad day, step on the blue.

If you want to see results, step on the blue.

Need help with nutrition, Ill see you on the blue.

But its a matter of you working with us and sticking to the coaching we provide.

I believe we can really make a difference in your life and help you to get 1% better everyday.

Our mission is to see 100 people achieve 1000 workouts by 2024.

Because we know, the longer you stay, the more times you come, the more your life will grow into something exceptional.

If you’re not with us and are looking to start your September off right, text me 1-204-228-0431 or email me to register for our 21 day Challenge which is only $21.

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