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Gyms Closing Due To COVID-19

The gym is now forced to close and most gym owners and goers are wondering why?

The gyms near me have never had an outbreak and even though the planet fitness near me had 1 case come through in the past 30 days, it was bound to happen as people are asymptomatic and could take weeks before they even know they had one.

To the outside world fitness is a luxury, but to us and those that go, fitness is medicine, its a major part of our lives, its our time to just be present.

Taking care of yourself and is full time and anytime fitness is removed from our life, lots of bad things happen.

We all talk about living a Goodlife, but how can we live our Goodlife if we cannot take care of our health and well being.

When we were kids gym and gym class were arranged, sports teams were organized to keep us active, keep our hearts healthy and an outlet for all our energy.

So it doesn't matter if its a Yoga Class, Spin Class, cross fit or Bootcamp.

Our gyms around me are the most affordable and most enjoyable option.

So what is corona virus?

Is there a cure for coronavirus?

And you might be wondering "Can cats get coronavirus?"

The Rona, COVID-19, Caronavirus... It's out there and there may be a cure coming soon.

But for now, your Fitness, Workouts, health and wellbeing are top priority.

How can we do that?

Right now we are offering our amazing virtual at home, stay safe and stay fit program for the rest of 2020 for $1.

Once we open up again, you will have the option of both.

All you have to do is text us at 1-204-813-9113 and we will get you started today.

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