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Hard to lose weight

Hard work is NOT the answer.

People think the harder & longer I work out, the faster I will lose the weight.

Do you know what actually happens?

You go really hard for a week or two and then start burning out.

You start doubting if this “fitness thing” is really for you.

Do you know what’s crazy?

People who are in shape, aren’t obsessed with working out.

They simply live a lifestyle they enjoy and helps them stay in shape.

You don’t need to spend hours working out or go on a strict diet to lose weight.

First you need to change your mindset.

Focus on daily habits and long term results, NOT losing 2kg in a week.

Second, you have to REALLY start enjoying the process.


Because it will never end.

If you want to be healthy and in shape, you will always have to work out and eat healthy (most of the time).

Finally, you have to forget about the end result.

The result will come if you do the right things consistently.

Eventually you will lose the 20 pounds.

Eventually you will love what you see in the mirror.

Eventually you will be in the best shape of your life.

But in the meantime, you can’t speed up the process.

So enjoy the ride, because it’s never going to end.

If you’re tired of constantly starting over, feeling like you are never going to lose the weight, you’re wasting precious time.

Would love to help...

Message me and I’ll point you in the right direction.

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