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Help, I want to cheat on my meal plan! What should I do?

The truth is we all feel like cheating sometimes.

The key is to indulge without ruining your diet all together.

You see most of us fall into the "all or nothing" thinking trap.

I guess I’ve messed up my diet already so I might as well have that pizza, ice cream, milkshake, french fries and everything else I’ve been depriving myself of. Then I’ll just start fresh tomorrow.

Tomorrow comes and you feel guilt, shame as well as an array of other emotions making it harder to jump back on the wagon. An unplanned cheating session can sometimes lead to thinking like I should just give up, I’ll never be able to do this.

You CAN do this!

I know you can. So I wanted to share with you some tips on how to cheat on your diet without ruining it. 1.) Plan cheat meals. When they’re planned there’s no guilt. You’re also less likely to binge or over eat.

2.) Incorporate cheat meals instead of cheat days. 3.) Find healthy food swaps for foods you typically like to cheat on. I have a sweet tooth so I incorporate lots of healthy sweet treats in my diet so I never feel deprived.

4.) Separate emotions from eating. Ask yourself if you really feel like cheating or are you just stressed or sad. Planned cheat meals can help with this tremendously

If you’re struggling or ever feel like you want to give up please text me right away.

I’m here for you!

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