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Hockey Mom’s Overcoming Rink Life Food Stress

Hey FitFam! 🌟 Ready to conquer your fitness journey like never before? In my latest YouTube video, I spill the beans on how Hockey Moms (and anyone dealing with crazy schedules!) can overcome the chaos of Rink Life Food Stress! 🏒🍽️


Rink life/end of football was a bit of an obstacle trying to figure out dinners. I write everything on a real paper calendar, then I plan my suppers on Sunday according to:

1) when we need to leave

2) how long we will be gone

3) when coming home.

4) what will fit in my meal plan for that day

If we are past my eating time, I make sure I plan a supper /snacks that I can eat anywhere, I always have a protein drink in my bag or bar.

Coach RJ’s Tips:

-Food pack for you and the kids that are high protein

-Bring your water, use EAA’s so its more enjoyable

-Pack enough for the ride home

-If it’s a late dinner, then don’t eat before you go, save it for after. Make the calories balance, just your fasting hours will be off. (if possible try not to eat too late to affect your sleep).

Looking to tighten and tone the upper body on vacay? Try this 5-minute, at home workout:

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