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How to eat 10,000 calories of junk food on the weekend without gaining fat:⁣

Gaining and losing fat is simple math!⁣

Eat less calories than you burn and you will lose fat.⁣

Eat more calories than you burn and you will gain fat.⁣

Let’s say your maintaince calories are 2,500/day.⁣

This adds up to a weekly total of 17,500 calories.⁣

If you’re going to eat 10,000 calories during the weekend, you have 7,500 left for the week.⁣

7,500/5 = 1,500⁣

This means that if you eat 1,500 calories/day Monday through Friday, you can eat 10,000 calories on the weekend and not gain fat!⁣

Is this a good strategy?⁣

It really depends on your lifestyle!⁣

You probably won’t eat 10,000 calories anyways because it’s A LOT.⁣

But if you really like want to have an epic cheat weekend for a special occasion, go for it! ⁣

Just make sure the amount of food you eat Monday through Friday is still enough so you aren’t hungry.

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