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How To Prevent Catching The Coronaivrus

Updated: Mar 15, 2020

How Can You Prevent The Carona Virus?

Your hands are probably raw by now, but yes, wash your hands. But just note, that if you kill all the bacteria from your surroundings and body, you will lower your ability to fight off disease because you will decrease your chances of building immunities. If the strain isn't there, there is no stress.

Keep a bottle of sanitizer on you. Most public places aren't equipped with stations yet, so you can be forward thinking, go to the dollar store and carry a travel size bottle in your pockets or purse.

Up your Vitamin C. Vit C increases your white blood cells, these cells help fight infections by attacking bacteria, viruses, and germs that invade the body. So switch over your fruit intake to grapefruit, oranges, lemons & limes.

Supplements. Echinacea boosts your immune system, which is your body's defense against germs. Tissue rejuvenator. This was the key supplement for me when I fractured my knee cap. It contains a high potency of Tumeric, which is a major anti-flammatory. So it will speed your recovery while making your joints feel good again.

You can find this online (see link), any grocery store that carries supplements or Fit Club.

Make the switch from coffee to green or black tea. Both green and black teas are packed with flavonoids, a type of antioxidant. Green tea is also a good source of the amino acid L-theanine. L-theanine aids in the production of germ-fighting compounds in your T-cells.

Lastly, workout! According to Health Harvard in September 2014 "Exercise can contribute to general good health and therefore to a healthy immune system. It may contribute even more directly by promoting good circulation, which allows the cells and substances of the immune system to move through the body freely and do their job efficiently."

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