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I Remember My First Day at Fit Club

I Remember My First Day at Fit Club

Where do I begin

I have been active my entire life

Ran 2 marathons in my younger years

Weight has always been an issue!

In 1996 I married my best friend and we have been together 26 years

In 1997 I was pregnant with my first child

It became a nightmare when I delivered my son and he passed away

And the weight stayed with me

Food was comfort

We were told not to have children and against all odds, we were blessed with 2 girls

1 in 1999

1 in 2000

Pregnancies were close together and the weight stayed I was embarrassed to be 268 pounds.

Joined a gym so our family could go and be active

The weight stayed the same

In 2005 we were hit with some shocking news that ripped my heart into pieces

I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis

The thoughts that ran through my head were. .....

OMG going to end up in a wheelchair with a 5-year-old and a 4-year-old

I was devastated, to say the least

After several doctors appointments and a tonne of medication, I am doing well

I remember my first day at Fit Club

I drove by it several times and thought I should try it

And then drove by again

But this time I stopped to ask questions...and before I knew it I was coming for my first class

And the as Jenn says...I drank the Kool-aid and have been hooked ever since

I started doing 3 classes a week

Then progressed to 5 and now I do at least 7 to 8 classes a week.

With the pandemic, things certainly changed

It was a tough time working in an essential service place and not knowing what was going to happen.

I tried the virtuals but just couldn't get into them.

So when the gym opened I was so excited and started back.

I changed careers in 2021 left a company after nearly 20 years and joined a new place!

I can't even begin to think of all the people I have met through the gym

Some have become very important in my life. Christine Omeniuk is the best workout partner I could have. She is my saviour

She sees me struggling and is there to help me. She convinced me to try the belly Burn 9.0 and it was such an amazing experience

To all of you...u make getting up in the morning worth it. Thanks for the outpouring of support

You are all my heroes

To family thanks for believing in me

Your support means the world to me

And to the coaches of Fit Club

You truly are a tremendous team

Jenn your early morning energy is contagious and u just make working out fun

Thank you for your help when I need it

And to those of u thinking about joining a gym

If u have limitations and feel u wouldn't fit in

Just give it a try u might be surprised at what u can do.

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