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I want to start running, I am an absolute beginner, where should I start?

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Running just like everything requires time and slow progress.

If you have never run before, or haven’t run in a long time, but you are used to Fit Club style training…

Then here’s a simple protocol.

First, warm up your lower body.

The first pain you will feel is probably your feet, then your calves, your knees then your hips.

Running is a repetitive strain on the lower body and if your legs aren’t used to the constant impact, they will be sore.

So start by stretching your feet, and calves, mobilizing the knees and loosening your hips.

I put a link for a quick mobility routine you can do before you start in the description:

Now we’ve got your mobile, it's time to get you walking.

Walking!? Yes, we have to walk before we run.

Walk for 2.5 mins, then run for 30 seconds.

Repeat this 4 times and that’ll get you 12 mins of movement.

Use the next day as an indicator if you can progress or not, but I would suggest doing this 3 times for 1 week then progress your running times weekly.

Eventually stretching your total time of running longer by 3 mins.

After your run/walk you should repeat the stretch routine I gave you.

Running takes time and you will suck at it.

But it is a great tool to have under your fitness belt along with Fit Club Style training.

More Details Click Here

To get started or more questions text Fit Club at 1-204-813-9113

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