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Is your Vision set on your 2020 goals?

FIRST OFF HAPPY NEW YEAR! It’s the first day of a New Decade!

This is an exciting month and for the Gold members at Fit Club, we have an amazing journey planned out for you. First we start the first full week in January doing the 7 day detox. Don’t be afraid of the name, we are just getting you back to eating whole foods and resetting your receptors.

From there we have a 14 day at home Butt & Gutt challenge that comes with an easy to follow meal plan and supplement guide. Then we move into our Infamous 6 week challenge, where we are taking simplified, super yummy, easy to follow and plant based meal recipes. Of course you get the advanced supplement plan and VIP Sunday workouts. This is the program that will take you to the next level!

For non members or those that haven’t been here in the past 90 days, we have our 21 days for $20.20 challenge available for sign ups. You will be given all the steps you need to succeed and get to workout with us on the blue up to 6 days a week.

Last month we were able to check in using the hashtag #GIVEBOOKS 882 times, resulting in us donating 176 books!! Wow great work Fit Fam! This month our hashtag is #HOPEFORHAITI where every 10 check ins and we donate 1 day of education in a class room for a child in Haiti. Such a great opportunity to help those that don’t have the same privlidges as us. So keep on checking into and and we will continue to donate!

We know coming back from the holidays we are pretty exhausted, so we are bringing in a new pre-workout called Batch 27. This is a stronger formula than we are used to, so my recommendation is to start with a ¼ scoop and work your way up to ½ about 20 minutes before you workout. I will be posting more in our private groups about what it does and how to take it, but for now, if you need a quick JOLT of energy, this is the pre-workout formula for you.

Lastly, Bones & Marrow is our sponsor of the month and they will be providing samples of their broth and offering special discounts to the Fit Club members. They have formulated the perfect broth to repair your gut health, increase joint and muscle recovery while tasting amazing. So stop by the club on sample day to taste what good, health tastes like.

January is an exciting month and more exciting it is the start of a new Decade.

So you have an opportunity to really be the person you want to be.

Set your vision for your 2020 goal and really feel how that goal will feel when you accomplish it.

As always aim to get 1% better everyday, be the best version of you and I’ll see you….


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