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🤔Tell us your story! How did you find us?

I first found out about fit club from a coworker, we decided to check it out!

🤔What were you doing before Fit Club?

I used to be very active,I Irish danced and boxed for years, and then I was diagnosed with greater trochanteric bursitis in my left hip, and then my right hip as well. I was told the only way to heal it, was to stay away from high energy aggressive sports and exercise. Due to the pain I did what the doctor’s told me. But all that happened was I gained weight, lost all my muscle mass, had no energy and felt horrible about myself. That Is when I said enough is enough, I need to do something about this. So I did the free three day trial, then I went onto the 21 day for $21 deal, and that was it, I was hooked. I immediately signed up for as a Gold member.

🤔What was your first day like?

My first day of course I was nervous, not knowing what you're getting into, my first class was with Rick, and he was extremely helpful, and supportive, as well as everyone else that was doing the class helped me guide my way through it.

🤔What do you love about Fit Club?

Since I had done all the different classes and time slots, I just go whenever I can fit it in, and all the instructors have their own special gifts that make it there own.

I’ve also found it incredible how all the coaches and staff kept in touch with me the first month right from day one. Texting me almost daily to make sure I was doing all right and seeing if I have any questions, and are always there on an ongoing basis.

🤔What specific results have you achieved?

Since I started on April 1st, I have lost several inches, gain muscle, and lost just short of 10 pounds.

🤔What would you tell someone considering joining?

Anyone thinking of joining, you won’t be disappointed, not only is the work out amazing, and I feel great about myself again, The staff make you feel like you’re just a part of the team, and I have also met some amazing people and made some great friends that I look forward to seeing every time I go. I try and go every day Monday to Friday, barring out of town work etc. And my day just doesn’t feel complete without getting my workout in!!


Your transformation is waiting to happen, we have the system to get you there 👇

Join now 👉👉👉

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