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Metabolic Reset

I love this challenge for you because it works by re-setting and optimizing your metabolism.

Resulting in a lean and strong body.

You will gain more energy.

Increase your mental sharpness.

Get better sleep.

Gain a heightened sex drive.

Most importantly, increase your resilience to stress.

Do these 5 things Daily:

1 30 Min HIIT Workout: ideally workouts that get your heart rate up, you are using weights and you hit your core.

2 Start and end your day with a protein shake: most people eat 80% more carbs than protein. Protein gives you a slow, sustained energy source and helps repair and recover your body.

3 Drink 3 liters of water that has a dash of cayenne pepper and fresh lemon juice: Lemon is a great detoxifier and cayenne pepper works to boost your metabolism.

4 Eliminate added sugars & Alcohol: Make sure to read labels before you eat or drink anything. If sugar is added, make sure to move onto the next food item. Alcohol really has no place in your daily intake if you plan to reset your metabolism.

5 Eat 30 grams of fiber a day: Reading labels will be key. There are many food items at the health food store that are high in fiber. You can also take a fiber supplement such as Fibber Gummies:

Take a screenshot of the task list below and at the end of your day do a post on your personal Facebook feed, or Instagram story and tag me so I can hold you accountable daily.

At the end of the week, do a post and give me a summary on how you found the challenge and what was the outcome after completing these 5 daily tasks.

Think you got this?

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