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Mom's Leading By Example


I need you to answer this question honestly.⁣

Would you be proud if your son or daughter became like you?⁣

If not, it’s time to change!⁣

Kids don’t do to what we tell them.⁣

They model what they see us do.⁣

Losing weight, toning your body, etc... is just the external result.⁣

Do it to SHOW them living a healthy life is the right thing to do.⁣

On Monday we’re starting the next Fit Club 5 Day Kick Start.⁣

It’s the simplest way to start your fitness journey.⁣

All you have to do is follow 1 task per day for 5 days.⁣

Let’s show our kids living a healthy life and overcoming our challenges is posible.⁣

Message me if you want to join us.

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