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Pizza Crust That Is Low Carb & Healthy

Pizza Crust That Is Low Carb & Healthy

It is high in protein, high in fiber and very low in net carbs.

Today we have a special guest and a special pizza crust called Lupin.

We are going to make a delicious pizza and Ron’s going to fill us in with his success story of creating this Lupin Crust.


The Lupin flower is a legume that produces a bean that can be ground into flour.

This superfood has been part of the Mediterranean diet for centuries.

Ron has tried several recipes for pizza crust using almond flour/ cauliflower/ and flax.

He thought, “wouldn't it be great if there was a mix that you could just add water to?”

He spent a year working with the Provincial food lab in Portage la Prairie and they are proud to introduce North America's first Lupin pizza mix that you just add water.

To pre-order the crusts contact Ron at

For more recipes and nutrition coaching, contact Fit Club to join our kickstart challenge.

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