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Planet Fitness Near Me

As we approach our New Years resolution, most people want to take a risk free approach.

I don't blame you.

Fitness is really hard and most of us start but never finish.

The main difference between Planet Fitness and Fit Club is for sure the price and the chances of winning.

At Planet Fitness, or any other big box gym...

You are basically on your own and renting space.

But you are paying $10 a month.

At Fit Club, you can still take a no risk chance at 5 days for $5..

But in that time you get a coach to give you exact directions on what to do and how to not get hurt.

You have a coach messaging you and seeing how you're doing.

You have a community of others in the same boat as you that you get to connect with in session and out of the gym.

Don't worry, we have monthly plans starting at $20 a week.

So this New Years, I want you to set yourself up for success.

I want you looking back Dec 31 of next year and saying "I DID IT"

If you're ready to go all in and make this your Fittest year yet.

Send me a message, I always answer.

Talk soon.

PS: Here's a list of active members that started with 5 days

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