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Say GOODBYE 👋 to Common Misconceptions of Getting FIT in 2020.⠀

Are you under the impression 🤔 that Getting Fit means:⠀

👉 you need to workout everyday⠀

👉 you need to stay on a strict diet⠀

👉 once you miss a day you need to start over ⠀

Many people who begin working out during a pandemic believe that Getting Fit has a bad reputation. 😫⠀

When beginning a lifestyle change, making an adjustment takes time. So allow yourself, at least 21 days to adapt. Here are some suggestions to consider when getting fit at home:⠀

🏃 Try to schedule workouts at least 3x a week ⠀

🏃 Focus on workouts, rather than your diet for the first 21 days⠀

🏃 Join accountability groups, to keep yourself motivated & inspired⠀

Fit Club's Healthy at Home 💙 program does all of the above and beyond 👊. We support these suggestions and we do it with our mission to get you 1% better everyday. 💪⠀

Now that we have cleared 😃 up the misunderstanding of what Getting Fit means, let's get you signed up and ready to go here: 👈👈⠀

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