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Self-Care February Tip#4: Optimizing your SELF-CARE routine.❤⠀

Often, most people mistake SELF-CARE for rewards and fall off their routine of what's essential for their health and well-being. 🤔⠀


Not to say that people should deprive themselves either. Finding an OPTIMAL way to take care of yourself involves upgrading or what we like to call getting ONE PERCENT better every day.👊⠀


When it comes to matters of physical health, you may find that doing push ups on your knees is becoming easier, so you decide that you want to start doing pushups on your feet. 😊⠀


This is what we encourage our members to do at FIT CLUB. It is our mission to get you one percent better every day through health and fitness.🏃‍♀️💪


We can help you optimize your Self-Care routine so that you get stronger every day, feel better about your body and ensure that what you are doing is effective.💪⚡⠀


If you aren't feeling your current workouts and you want to upgrade your SELF-CARE routine, sign up with us here:👈👈👈⠀


Sign up TODAY and get a FREE 14 DAY DETOX.⚡⠀


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