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Should you jump on the scale?

We are often afraid to jump on the scale and most of us ignore it, but I'd advise that if you feel things are not going in the direction you want, it's time to face reality, jump on the scale and make adjustments.

The scale is a tool that you can use to know where you are and what direction you need to take to get to your goal. So don't be afraid, don't get upset, it's just a starting number.

The second measurement you should take is a photo.

Photo's are great tools to track the fine details and work great when the scale fails.

Take a front, right side and back photo.

Keep that photo handy through your entire journey.

Lastly, measure how your clothes fit.

Are you dropping pant or dress sizes.

Are you going from stretchy pants to jeans, I mean actual jeans.

Are your shirts dropping in sizes.

These are all great methods that you can set goals from, that you can track monthly and ultimately guide your 2020 year!

Coach RJ

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