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The Raw Truth

The raw truth about fitness (and anything in life)

If you want extraordinary results, you will have to put an extraordinary amount of:

- Effort

- Focus

- Consistency

It’s just the way it is.

If you want to be in good shape, good effort is enough.

If you want to be in great shape, great effort is required.

If you want to a jaw dropping body, an insane amount of effort is required.

None of them are right or wrong.

Simply depends on what you want and how much effort you’re willing to put in.

Losing weight is pretty simple and you don’t have to kill yourself to see results.

But if you truly want to have an impressive before/after photo, be prepared.

You will have to:

Stay laser focused.

Push yourself to the limit in your workouts.

Stick to your diet almost perfectly.

Sounds like a lot of work because it is.

The results are definitely worth it.

Not only because of the physical aspect…

But because of the person you become in the process.

I think everyone should get in an impressive shape at least once in their lives.

Then simply maintain their fitness at a level they enjoy and is sustainable for their lifestyle.

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