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Who do you Spend your time with?

I need you to understand this.

You are who you hang around with.

Spend time around people who are in shape and you will be in shape.

Spend with with people who don’t care about their body/health and you will end up just like them.

The beauty is that we decide who we spend time with.

Our gym gets members such amazing results not because of our workouts or meal plans.

(They are great)

It’s because of the community and support people have when they join.

They realize it’s possible for them to really transform their body when they see hundreds of others who have done it.

Forget about the tactical side of getting in shape.

Once you surround yourself with the right people, the rest is easy.

Things that are not that important:

- Workout

- Diet

Things that are crucial:

- Accountability

- Community

You can have the best fitness program on the planet…

But if you don’t follow through, you won’t see results.

Our members see so much success because they have all 4.

1. Fun 30min workouts

2. Nutrition coaching

3. Accountability from our coaches

4. Support from all the members

Awesome right?

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