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Why do we do a water and salt load only to cut the water and salt before a photoshoot?

The body always wants to maintain balance.

6 & 5 days before your shoot you want to increase the amount of sodium and water so that on the 3rd day you normalize and 1 day out you basically remove it entirely.

6th day your body won’t really know what’s going on and nothing will really happen

By the 5th day, your body will absorb and hold most.

On the 4th and 3rd day, usually a Tuesday & Wednesday before your shoot, you normalize your salt and water.

3rd day you will feel bloated and retain water, don’t jump on the scale!

This is also the time when your body will start to flush the excess to create balance.

Because you have normalized your fluids and salt, your body will then excrete more than it needs to thus dropping your levels slightly below.

2 days prior we start your water cut and limit as much sodium as possible.

Your body will still excrete water and salt above normal and shake off some excess sitting between your muscle and fat.

1 day prior we dry you out, sips of water and no sodium.

Minimize your activity 1 day prior and a day off, beware of cramping, and drink sips of water when you need it. Death is not an option here, this will help you but it isn’t the only solution.

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