Discover How To Survive The Holidays and Start Your New Year Off Right This Time!



Holidays are a tradition-filled with family, fun, food, food, food, alcohol, and football. Leftovers consist of more food and extra pounds of body weight and fat.  

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December can cause havoc on your weight loss goals, your workouts, and actually make you fatter. I’ve seen it happen before. 

Between the holiday parties, workplace snacks, alcohol, and all the extra sugars and sweets, you stand to gain pounds and inches...


The Attendance Challenge starts on Monday and you can start any day in December. The reason for this is to make sure that we take you into the New Year with awesome fat burning workouts and healthy eating habits so that you can continue on with our New Year New You 6 Week Contest if you want. 

In fact, if you complete the Attendance Challenge without gaining a single pound, we will apply the entire investment to your first month of boot camp! 

And, to make this a no brainer, I’ve also cut the price of the program by 75%.

30 Day Attendance Challenge

  • Must not have been to Fit Club on promotion in the past 90 days. No refunds will be given


Disclaimer: The offer described on this page is valid for new clients only, may not be applied to existing programs. Only eligible for one trial offer per year.