Today we take a look back at Marnie’s 1000th workout!

In this video, she says finding her tribe was key in her success thus far.

She has been with us since the NLT days.

She says the support she’s had from family, friends, and the Fit Fam helped her in those hard times.

Allowing her to get to the point where she can decrease the meds she takes to manage her Arthritis.

Great work Marnie!

Here is the video of Marnie story:

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Being all cooped up inside due to Covid doesn't mean we can't go out and enjoy some Fresh Air. 🌬⠀

You may be thinking, "I hate the Cold!" "Winter Activities aren't my thing!" "This is my time to Hibernate." 😩⠀

As you may only see the snow or the freezing temperatures on your phone. Spending time outdoors is not bad as it seems. 😁

WE can bundle up, brave the cold, as we braved the year 2020.👊⠀

Outdoor activities such as going for walks, skating or tobogganing can accumulate steps in your day. 👣

The more steps, the more calories burned, 🔥 the more it can aid with fat loss.

It such an amazing task to incorporate in your day or week because it not helps shed unnecessary weight but can provide as a stress reliever and an overall sense of well-being. 🧘‍♀️⠀

WE have had many success stories 👊 regarding outdoor trends and activities.

We have also kept our members motivated in our challenges of getting 10, 000 steps or more.

WE are Fit Club and we want you to get into the best Fit trends of 2021.👊⠀

Still not into 🤷‍♀️ the whole outdoor trend, go here:👈



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If you aren't drinking enough, it can show up in a number of ways such as feeling tired, having headaches and can affect your mood and focus.⠀


You may be thinking that the answer to this problem is, "All I have to do is drink more water."🤔⠀

So, you search the internet for "Best Water Bottles Brands" or "Water Bottles with a Reminder". Even have a "Hydro Coach" to get you to drink more water. 💦⠀

What if you didn't have to spend $50 or more on a water bottle, that you used only for the first two weeks of getting because you forgot to drink water that one day and just let it slide into not drinking anymore. 😪⠀

How about naturally drinking 3L or more a day because:⠀

💙 you've joined a Accountability Group that challenges you ⠀

💙 you've noticed changes in your body ⠀

💙 you want to do more like exercise and eat healthy⠀

All these can be achievable at Fit Club!👊⠀

Get rid of those nasty tired headaches and feel refreshed and focused with us. 😁⠀

If you join today, you will get a head start on our Fresh Start Challenge, where you will be able to prepare yourself for what's ahead. 👇👇👇⠀

Go here to JOIN:💙⠀


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