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RJ Padua - Aka Boss Man, Aka Bring the Pain Aka The leader


Fit Club is my original baby so Fit Club workouts have always been with me.  


I started coaching people to change their life back in 2004.  


I always found traditional methods of working out boring and took too long to get results, hence the creation of the Fit Club Training Method.  


My personality is BIG, I am intense, but I also really care deeply about every member.  


If you come to Fit Club, you found your home.  

We provide fun, exciting workouts.  

You get in a family like, supportive environment.

Most importantly… You get results.

Jenn Manchur - Aka Jenny from the Block 


Started Working at Fit Club in 2016 and Started coaching in 2019.

Prior to Fit Club I was going to Cindy Klassen 3 days a week doing random lifts, did Taekwondo for 2 years,  occasional Zumba dance class 

When starting Fit Club - reserved. Now - very outgoing & not afraid to try new things,

The Fit Club culture will change your life! We believe you can and before my eyes, I see incredible changes in every member, both physically & mentally





Rick Manchur - Aka Jagger Vaughn, Aka Buttcheeks 


Started Working at Fit Club in 2015  and Started coaching in 2016.

Prior to Fit Club, I was Lifting weights and complaining about the news.

I'm like Leonidas from 300 but a bit nicer.

Why should someone come to Fit Club?

All you have to do is show up with a good attitude. We handle the rest. The workout, the education, the motivation and with your effort, the results.



Coach Jesse - Aka the Burpee King, The Motivator, Uncle Jesse and the Energizer Bunny 


I started working out in the summer of 2019 at Fit Club.  

I started coaching in September 2020

Prior to Fit Club, I was just playing hockey, sponge hockey, ball hockey and Ice hockey.  LOTS OF HOCKEY!  

I would say that I am someone who is friendly, full of energy, compassionate, love to laugh and be goofy, a big kid at heart. 

Why should someone come to Fitclub?

It's more than just a workout, you will gain great friendships, get healthy, strong, and move in ways you never thought you could. 

Your confidence will soar and you will become a better version of yourself.


Coach Jessica - Aka Rabbit Jessica Rabbit


I started with Fit Club in 2019 & became a Coach in 2021.

Before joining Fit Club, I was lazy & working out was never on my list of to-dos.


Now, I can’t go a day without thinking about when my next workout is going to be.


I aim to find the better in everything & live every moment to its fullest. Find out how Fit Club can change your life.



Corrine Johnson - Aka CoJo


Started working out with Fit Club September 2019

Became a coach November 2021

Prior to Fit Club CoJo was doing Community club classes and home workouts with videos

Cojo’s  personality….. “quiet till u know me, responsible and loyal” Super fun and energetic!  

“Come join Fit Club.  It will change your life!!! And you won’t regret it!!”



Jackie aka jacks or Brown Sugar.


The smiling face you see at the front desk I started working out with Fit Club back in January of 2017 and I started working as an admin at Fit Club in September of 2017.


Before Fit Club, I used to workout at the Y downtown. I was too shy to use the different machines and equipment so I would only use the treadmill.


I would say I am quiet until I get to know you… unless I have a story to tell.


Why should someone come to Fit Club… because YOU GET RESULTS! And you have FUN while putting the work in!



Kathy Boddy


I’m a Mother of two beautiful daughters and a happy wife of 23 years. I love my dog more than some humans 😂

I work three jobs 🙃
Early morning admin at Fitclub M-F, Belly Burn Coach and Full time in Women’s Health.  


I love what I do and am grateful each and every day that I am able to do it. ❤️


My health and fitness come first.



Jerome Santome - Aka DJ Sinigang


I started working at Fit Club in the Summer of 2018  

Prior to Fit Club, I was an I.T. Manager and Warehouse Manager. 

Working at Fit Club has improved my healthy lifestyle.


I love to bring members' emotions through videos and photos. 



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