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3, 2, 1 ACTION! 🏃

What is it about countdowns that make us more willing to follow through with a task? 🤔 ⁣

Countdowns create a sense of urgency and awareness of how you want to manifest this energy. ⚡ ⁣

When the time dwindles, it also allows you to take bigger risks in order to accomplish the extraordinary. 🤸 ⁣

Just like how they do it in the movies or in a football game, the countdown turns on an incredible sense of accomplishment. 🤜🤛 ⁣

Actors/actresses become a different character or football players take risks to win it for their team!🎬🏈 ⁣

At Fit Club 💙, our coaches become motivational and energized BEASTS, especially Owner & Coach @rj_padua , when that beat drops and they see that everyone is giving it their all. 🏃💙 ⁣

Our members are rooting for you whether it's through our VIP group chats or on the BLUE; they are there for the same goals. And that's to get ONE PERCENT better everyday! 👊 ⁣

Our ACTIONS 🙌 speak LOUDER than words through: ⁣

🏃 VIP Accountability ⁣

🏃 Daily Mindset & Motivation ⁣

🏃 New Workouts DAILY ⁣


Summer is just around the corner and we want to PUMP YOU UP with energy, excitement & HEALTH! 💙 ⁣

DM US for more details!📨 ⁣

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