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5 Day Kickstart Challenge

When all else fails or you need a reset, this is the perfect challenge for you.

These are the basics.

I recommend you pair everyday with a workout to really get good results.

Monday = Workout

Tuesday = Get 10,000 steps

Wednesday = Drink 3L of water

Thursday = No junk food/booze

Friday = Combine all 4 tasks to finish the week off right

Monday = Workout:

This must be 20-30 minutes of vigorous exercise.

If you have a heart rate monitor, your heart rate must be elevated above 115-125 beats per minute for the entire session.

There must be a strength component

There must be moments of pushing your body. (slow walks do not count).

The easiest solution is a Fit Club On the blue or Virtual workout.

Tuesday = Get 10,000 steps

Start your day with a march or something like a jumping jack.

Make it so you can't do anything else (like drinking coffee) until you get 1000 steps.

Then through your day have set times where you walk for 5 minutes.

Get a workout and keep your feet moving between exercises.

You might get stuck marching in the spot watching TV or cooking at night.

Wednesday = Drink 3L of water

Start your morning drinking 500 ml

Set the same timers as your walk, now its drinking 500 ml

Either put our 4 500 ml water bottles and at the end of the day make sure you have drank all of them.

Avoid drinking too late or you will be up every hour peeing.

Thursday = No junk food/booze

You can go 1 day without a treat or a drink.

Today is that day.

Restrict yourself from eating the foods you know are "bad for you".

That's different for everyone, but you know ;)

Friday = all 4 tasks

End your week right.

Get them all done and feel accomplished knowing you are a badass for doing this.

If you're sore, still do a workout, because it will help your muscle recover faster.

Everyday you complete a task, tag me on facebook or instagram so I know you are getting it down and I can hold you accountable.


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