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5 Minute Glute & Booty Stretch

We are often sore and have little time. ⁣

You might have back pain...⁣

You might not be able to sit from a workout...⁣

Your buttcheeks just might be throbby. ⁣

No problem!⁣

We put this 5 min Glute & Booty stretch together for you to do from the comfort of your home. ⁣

5 Minutes Glute Stretches with Coach Jenn⁣

Pigeon pose ⁣

Seated Knee Hug ⁣

Thread the Needle⁣

Supine knee stretch ⁣

Banded glute stretch ⁣

Stacked knee stretch ⁣

Seared pretzel ⁣

Wall pretzel

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