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Are YOU afraid of falling off?!?

Self: I’m doing great right now. My body is looking great, I'm making progress towards my goals, I have made healthier choices and am moving in the right direction.

Unconscious Self: Screw your happiness and positive improvement YOU ARE NOT WORTHY LET’S RUIN IT ALL





Self: I feel like I’m on the verge of self-sabotage….

Have you ever felt like that?! (or is it just me?! LOL)

Something I’ve noticed is that many times just when my clients are starting to make progress, a lot of actually start taking their foot off the pedal. They start slowly inching back into their old habits, feeling like :

“Oh! I lost 5 pounds, good now I can back off and get back to normal”

This is not how you keep the weight off.

Think about it like this…

You start dating someone new, and then after 3 months of him/her seducing and wooing you, they suddenly back off…

They stop calling you to say goodnight…

They stop texting you good morning…

They slowly start ditching you for their friends…

And how would that end? In an awkward mess of you thinking they didn’t care.

Well… that’s how your weight and fitness feels when you start neglecting it.

What happens when you neglect it? IT GOES AWAY!

You CANNOT expect to stay fit and healthy and keep the weight off without keeping these systems you have created in place.

Yes it takes work EVERY DAMN DAY, but would you rather work a bit everyday to Love your life… or go back to disregarding your health and never know what it’s like to live in a body you love and value?

So… here are my ABSOLUTE BEST TIPS for making sure you stay in check with yourself and NEVER gain the weight back…

(what gets measured, gets managed, remember?)

1) Continue to weigh yourself daily.

2) Continue to track your food whether that be in a journal, on a app, or using your accountability buddy

3.) Get Moving! Make sure you don’t get lazy about how much you move throughout the day. Keep up with walking more (what gets measured, gets managed, remember?)

4) Set Short Term Goals for yourself. Start playing around with push ups, squats, and other lifts – aiming more reps or pushing more weight.

5) Set Long Term Goals - Commit to a #YearofProgress. What are your long term goals? Qualify for PRO. Do a Spartan race. WIN a Spartan race. Do 10 unassisted pull-ups. Do 50 pushups. Have a six-pack. Become a Fitness Coach.

6) Always remember: “You did this - so you can do that.” Every success leads to more success!

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1 Comment

Yalemzwed Gulilat
Yalemzwed Gulilat
Apr 10, 2020

Thanks I need to hear that

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