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Daily Immune-System Nutrition

You have a very important goal. Sometimes that goal will feel far away and sometimes it will even feel out of reach. And with all the "Corona-craziness" going around it is more important than ever to replace any darkness with light.

Sometimes people will doubt you and sometimes you will doubt yourself. Release the Doubt! There is no room for it! Focus on your Goal! To overcome the doubt you will need a special weapon. Positivity is your special weapon!

Positive energy =positive results! That means being mindful of what you think and say so you can be a positive source of energy for everyone around you. And right now the world needs as much positive energy as it can get! So avoid negativity whenever possible. That doesn't mean pretending everything is sunshine and rainbows. But don't surround yourself with negativity either. Because what you think about it and what you care about shapes what you experience. So be mindful of the words you speak and your intentions. And be even more mindful of what thoughts occupy your mind space. The world needs more healthy positivity and it counting on you to keep your body and thoughts healthy!

Daily Immune-System Nutrition

Before your body can reach its full metabolism potential it's important we get it running clean -- that's why we do a 48-hour detox. For the next 48 hours, you will live on water, fruits and vegetables with just enough protein to keep your muscle mass.

It's normal to feel a little hungry or tied during a detox. Don't worry, your energy will come back tenfold after the detox!

For the next 2 days, you will primarily be eating fruits and vegetables with a little protein.

Drink plenty of water to help fill up your tummy and remember it's only 48 hours.

You got this!

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