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DIM - Dinolylmethane What is it?

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

ts a dietary supplement found naturally in cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli & brussels sprouts.

What is estrogen?

It helps with the reproductive systems for females

It also plays a major role in health and female development.

It is stored and produced by fat cells.

For males, it plays a key role in libido, erections and sperm production.

Too low estrogen for men and along with the above problems they could have bone density issues.

What does it do?

It creates balance for low or high estrogen.

If you are low it’ll help produce more good estrogen.

If you are high it’ll metabolize and utilize the estrogen properly.

Then what?

Once estrogen is available to be metabolized your body will break it down and remember, estrogen is primarily stored in body fat.

So your body will break down the fat in order to release the estrogen.

Why is it important to have balanced estrogen?

Estrogen increases blood flow and metabolic rate regulates body temperature, helps maintain muscles, improves skin health, helps maintain memory, increases sexual interest and reduces the risk of depression and anxiety.

How do you know if your estrogen levels are high?

Irregular or heavy periods, weight gain and fatigue.

Fat gain is due to estrogen being stored in the fat cells.

How do you know if your estrogen levels are low?

Dry skin, tender breasts, trouble concentrating, moodiness, hot flashes, night sweats and irregular periods or no periods.

What are the benefits to pre-menopausal women?

Yes, it will help the body use more estrogen and have it more readily available in the body.

Does DIM help burn fat?

DIM helps burn fat by metabolizing the estrogen that is stored in the fat cells.

Does DIM help build muscle?

If your estrogen levels are dropping this is associated with a decrease in muscle mass and strength.

Studies have shown that if estrogen levels are balanced, you will increase muscle growth.

Estrogen levels are what testosterone levels are to men. The more you have, the more muscle you can gain.

But too high levels are associated with breast or ovarian cancer.

How much DIM should you take?

Most supplements come in 100 mg dosages. 100-200 daily is what's recommended.

When should you take it?

Take 1 at night to help with any perimenopause or menopause symptoms allowing you to get a fuller night's sleep.

What is perimenopause or menopause?

Peri - you get all the symptoms of meno but you get spotty periods.

Meno - you have no period for 12 months.

Is it safe?

You can take it long term.

There has been researched on people taking DIM long term and has reported no adverse effects.

DIM has no reported side effects in low to moderate dosages.

Taking over 600 mg has shown electrolyte imbalances and all the symptoms that come with that.

How long before I see results?

Six weeks to six months

To get started or more questions text Fit Club at 1-204-813-9113

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