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Does this happen to you?

Does this happen to you?

On Sunday you are pumped to crush the week.

You are ready to rock n roll.

You are convinced you will finally work out and stick to your diet.

But then on Monday life gets in the way.

And it happens all over again.

You get discouraged because you didn’t follow the plan perfectly.

Then you think:

“Screw this!”

And self sabotage yourself.

If this happens to you, it’s time to fix it.


By not quitting!

Just because you weren’t perfect, it doesn’t mean you didn’t make progress.

Nobody is perfect.

Perfect is the enemy of progress.

Progress is messy.

Didn’t start the week perfectly?

Doesn’t matter.

Just stick to the plan as much as possible and start over tomorrow.

Don’t wait for next Monday to start.

This is the worst mistake.

80% perfect is enough to see great results.

Choose consistency over perfection always!

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