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FIt Club's 2020 Fat Loss Plan

I want to go over your 90 day plan for the 2020 as a Gold member

First make it 4-5 times over the next 10 days.

Ask the front desk to start you on the 7 day detox in coaching catalyst to start Jan 3 2020, start the plan Jan 6 2020.

That will bring you to the 13th, ask the front desk girls to start you on the 14 day butt and gutt challenge.

It has a meal plan and extra workouts you should do to get you toned and prepped for the extra demand for the 6 week challenge.

Join the 6 week challenge for $150 which starts Jan 25. Even if you’re away for part of it, you can still get massive results for the time that you are here.

That will bring you to March 7.

March 9 - 29th we will teach you how to track your macros, teach you about macros and how to use my fitness pal.


If you follow the 90 day plan you should see a

8-10% weight reduction

4-5% body fat reduction

3-5% muscle mass increase

1-2% visceral fat reduction

First action steps, see front desk to get set up in mycoach for the detox.

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