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Fit Club success of the week:

Carla joined Fit Club in May 2019.

She was with Weight Watchers for a year & saw that Fit Club was offering 21 Days for $21.

Carla saw that everyone at Fit Club was so welcoming & felt no judgment.

Initially, she couldn't touch her toes or do a push-up & now she's keeping up with others.

Being diagnosed with cirrhosis of the liver due to unhealthy eating, she knew she had to make a change in her habits.

Within a year, she was able to correct the problem with her liver with healthy eating & daily exercise at Fit Club.

Carla said there was no better feeling than hearing that everything looked perfect!

When the pandemic hit, that didn't stop her from staying consistent.

She rearranged her rec room, even bought a bigger tv so that the Coaches were life size!

So far Carla has done 650 virtual workouts & made I her mission to stay healthy.

She said, " no matter how she was feeling, she said she would get healthy when she retired."

The coaches & team kept her going because they would call everyone out, encourage, laugh, dance & push everyone where they could.

Down 90 lbs, from size 22 to 10, 1000 workouts & feeling healthier than ever, Carla says she'll never go back to being unhealthy again.

Here's the video of Carlas's story:

If Carla’s story inspired you to start your fitness journey, our Kickstart program is perfect for you!

It will help you drop the stubborn pounds, tone your body, have more energy, sleep better, and be more motivated overall.

Here’s what you get:

1. Virtual workouts so you can shut your brain off for a moment and take care of yourself.

2. A nutrition ebook to take away the guesswork of what to eat and yes, we are vegan friendly.

3. Weekly accountability so that you stay on track and actually see results.

To join simply fill the form below with your information!

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