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Fit Club success of the week:

She began her fitness journey with Fit Club in April 2016.

She was in horrible shape & couldn't complete exercises for 30 seconds.

But Terry knew she was in the right place.

She saw all kinds of people, in all shapes, sizes & experiences.

Terry felt accepted & encouraged not only by the Coaches but other members as well.

In her first year, Terry lost 26 pounds & was doing double workouts.

She learned that hard work, consistency & mindset is part of process.

Being told that she didn't have old lady arms made her feel like she was in the best shape of her life.

As she expresses so beautifully,

"Success won’t come from what I do occasionally but what I do consistently.

The mind is what got her there because she knew she had to do something about her health.

She didn't want to die at an early age, so she did what she had to do.

Her family, Coaches & Fit Fam supported her every step of the way.

Now here she is 1000 workouts later, taking all the lesson she's learned & sharing it with YOU!

Here's the video of Terry's story:

If Terry’s story inspired you to start your fitness journey, our Kickstart program is perfect for you!

It will help you drop the stubborn pounds, tone your body, have more energy, sleep better, and be more motivated overall.

Here’s what you get:

1. Virtual workouts so you can shut your brain off for a moment and take care of yourself.

2. A nutrition ebook to take away the guesswork of what to eat and yes, we are vegan friendly.

3. Weekly accountability so that you stay on track and actually see results.

To join simply fill the form below with your information!

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