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Fit Club's success story of the week: Coralee found the motivation she needed on Fit Club Winnipeg!

Coralee was always looking for motivation and couldn't find the right fit until joining Fit Club Winnipeg. 😀

She recalls sometimes feeling weak being on the back of a boat, not being able to lift herself up, or hiking with her kids and couldn't get over a rock.

Coming out of a win with her friends by putting money in the pot and executing a goal she spent some of her winnings on a 21-day Challenge at Fit Club.

Her friends from work had praised that it was "the be-all, end-all" of gyms and decided to give it a shot on the way home with her work friend, Ashley.

On her first day, she didn't know what to expect, and that all she knew was that it was going to be half an hour she could afford.

From that day on she has gotten stronger has more muscle, less "jiggly" part, and is now able to pull herself out of the boat.

Coralee raves about the positive atmosphere and the people, especially, "how hard she can work and lay it all on the blue in 30 minutes." 💪

She truly believes in the upbeat vibes and genuity that Fit Club Winnipeg has to offer.

Here is the video of Coralee's story:

If Coralee’s story inspired you to start your fitness journey, our FREE 14-Day Virtual Detox Training is perfect for you!

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