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Fit Club success story of the week: Mariclaire

It gets BETTER!

Mariclaire was doing well in her career.

Her 30th birthday was coming up and she wanted that work life balance.

She thought that investing in her health was perfect for that.

She joined Fit Club in March 2018 and hit her 1000th workout.

And instead of feeling extra tired at the end of her work day.

Her evenings are filled with energy and great vibes.

Here's the video of Mariclaire's story:

If Mariclaire's story inspired you to start your fitness journey, our Kickstart program is perfect for you!

It will help you drop the stubborn pounds, tone your body, have more energy, sleep better, and be more motivated overall.

Here’s what you get:

1. Virtual workouts so you can shut your brain off for a moment and take care of yourself.

2. A nutrition ebook to take away the guesswork of what to eat and yes, we are vegan friendly.

3. Weekly accountability so that you stay on track and actually see results.

To join simply fill the form below with your information!

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