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Fit Club success story of the week: Randy feels a thousand times better after his 1000 workout!

Randy's story is so powerful we can't even describe it with our words.

That's why today our success story will be explained with Randy's own words:

''My name is Randy Kohuch, and I just did workout number one thousand. Quite the milestone. But what does one thousand really mean? Is that a big number? Or small? I guess it depends on what you’re looking at.

If someone said you had to do one thousand pounds of laundry or shovel one thousand pounds of snow… well, those are big numbers.

But in one workout, my average heart rate is about 100 beats per minute. So in just ten minutes, that’s a thousand heartbeats. If you live to be 80, it’s estimated the number of heartbeats in your entire life would be three-point three billion beats. So from that perspective, a thousand is insignificant.

During the same lifetime, you’ll sleep an average of 229,000 hours, eat 87,600 meals, work for over 90,000 hours, and go through a couple of thousand rolls of toilet paper.

We take a thousand steps in just a couple of hours. And if anyone has raised a teenager, you’ll face well over a thousand eye-rolls in no time at all.

How many times do you tell someone important to you that you love them? Thousand times? How many times do you wish you could say “I love you”, just one more time to someone you’ve lost?

One thousand. As a number, it’s larger than the 999 numbers that came before it and smaller than every other number that follows. But when it comes to the gym, it’s pretty significant. 1,000 workouts. 30,000 minutes. 500 hours. That’s almost 21 days, 24 hours a day, non-stop. And it’s the best 21 days I’ve ever invested. The question is; what are you going to do with your 21 days?

RJ asked me who inspires me as I work out. Well, everyone who made it to the Fit Club wall of fame before me… you inspire me because I know what it takes.

Every Fit Club member who works out with an injury, or is post-surgery or post sickness, and has to modify their workout… you inspire me. Every Fit Club member who comes to the gym and laughs sweats and gives it their all with me every day… you inspire me.

RJ, coach Jenn, coach Rick, coach David, coach Amanda, you not only inspire me, but you also kick my butt. And my wife Carolin who’s there working out with me every day before work, that inspired me.

These days, we count everything… calories, macros, pounds, steps, heartbeats, burpees, money… always counting. Every once-in-a-while it’s important to stop and count our blessings. For me, one of those blessings is my continued good health. And for that, I have to thanks Fit Club.

How do I feel after a thousand workouts?

Thousand times better.

And you can feel that way too.

See you in the blue.''

Here is the video of Randy's story:

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