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Fitness Transformation: Achieving 1000 Workouts - Gillian Chase

Hello! I’m Gillian, and I’ve just completed 1000 workouts at Fit Club! I joined FC North in April 2022, and just over two years later, I have achieved this rewarding milestone.

From my 100th to my 1000th workout, the transformation in various aspects of my life has been nothing short of remarkable. Who would have thought that consistency could bring such rewarding outcomes?

I joined with the humble goal of shedding some stubborn mid-life weight. Fast forward to now, at 53 I’m enjoying the best physical strength, body composition, and endurance of my life. Not to mention, I’ve reclaimed my mental fitness & resilience, and the gym’s smart scale insists I’ve aged backwards 21 years!

As a proud mom of three adult sons and a delighted Grammie to three spirited granddaughters, ages 5, 3, and 1 month, my renewed energy lets me truly embrace life with them. Whether we're jumping on trampolines or running and playing outdoors for hours, it feels like being a kid again (aside from the aches and pains afterwards). And as for my active husband? He's now trying to keep up with ME on our adventure holidays and bike rides. Sorry, Honey, better pedal faster!

Three pillars of my success are the FitClub environment, the people, and my personal discipline. The gym’s fun atmosphere and positive energy from the FitFam keep me coming back six days a week. They cheer you on and celebrate you from day one, and at every milestone along the way. It’s always a Happy Hour at my favorite Club. I don’t rely on my motivation alone; I lean into my discipline, and keep showing up for myself and my peeps, as they do for me.

Coach RJ. From day one, you saw my potential and never stopped encouraging me to push harder, lift heavier, test my limits, and achieve the unthinkable - like running a half marathon, for one! I am grateful for you, the staff and coaches you've attracted to FC. You all have unique humor and spirited energy that lights up the Blue, making even the toughest workouts fun and entertaining. I’ve even stopped grumbling through burpees! Thank you for making this journey unforgettable!

When I joined FitClub I wasn’t expecting to find a bestie, who would become an irreplaceable part of my life, both in and out of the gym. Tracy Smith, you’re a true gem. I love how our many opposite yet complementary traits and quirks make our bond uniquely special. You’re the:

* Spontaneous to my prepared

* Loud to my quiet

* Wild to my tame

* You’re the Johnny’s Garlic to my chicken

* Ice to my cream

You’re like a sister I never had, so it’s really no coincidence people often ask if we are sisters. And you can keep on telling them I am the younger one!

Expressing my gratitude for everyone's support along this journey is beyond words. I am truly moved by the love, thoughtfulness, and generosity from everyone who chose to be here and contributed in any way. A heartfelt shoutout to my incredible friends who worked secretly behind the scenes to plan every detail of today's unforgettable celebration: Tracy, Maria, Sandy, Jayme, Crystal and Maggie —THANK YOU! Love you all! Muah

If I could offer any advice to my past self, or someone pursing a goal like 1000 workouts, my message is simple: “Do something today your future self will thank you for.” Prioritize your health and well-being, and take action. Show up for YOU. Take the first step, then just keep going. You’ll find your best health, and future best friends along the way.

Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. For me, that was stepping into FitClub.

Don't forget to like, share on Facebook, and comment below! Let's chat about your fitness goals and milestones! 💬👇

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