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Did you know that giving your goals accuracy can help you achieve them faster?

For example, let’s say that you have the goal of running a 5k.

Well, instead of just saying, “One day, someday,” you can set a date. Be specific. Give it a concrete timeline.

When you do this, guess what typically happens? You’re ready before the date even arrives. That date helps to motivate you and gives you end in sight.

This is a great strategy that you can use for really anything. College professors use it to help people get their papers done sooner. Ever had a teacher set a ridiculous due date? Odds are that you got it done regardless.

Go through your goals and see if you can assign some dates to them.

Nutrition Tip: Gut Health

Have you heard of probiotics? It seems to be a buzzword of sorts, but for good reason.

Probiotics are little bacteria that actually already exist in your gut. They breakdown food in your gut as a form of their food, which in turn leads them to release various gasses and other nutrients.

This keeps a lot of things in check for you. It goes into proper digestion, brain health, and even your mood. That’s right, the gut is thought to be linked to your mood changes!

You can get probiotics from foods such as yogurt, some cheeses, and other fermented foods. Or you can even get them as a supplement.


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